"We will try to do it."

Translation:Spróbujemy to zrobić.

March 25, 2016

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Why can't the answer here be "spróbujemy to robić"? Instead of "zrobić". There is no indication in "We will try to do it" that the action will be completed.


I think it's fine. "We will try to keep doing it this way from now on", makes sense to me. Added.


I believe that robić can't be used because it's present tense. If spróbujemy is in future tense, then so must be the verb that specifies that action.


'Tego' instead of 'to' will not work here because of the cause, right?


Yes. Here, the verb that acts on "it" is "zrobić". Which takes Accusative, and as it's some general 'it', it's "to".

If it was just "We will try it", it would be "Spróbujemy tego", as "spróbować" takes Genitive.

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