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"В феврале они будут уже в Америке."

Translation:In February they are already going to be in America.

March 25, 2016



Why wouldn't you use "во" instead of "в" here?


the short explanation: because Америка starts with a vowel.

The long explanation:

"Во" Is used:

  • before monosyllabic words, esp.starting with two consonants (во сне - in a dream).

  • before many multisyllabic words, starting with two or more consonants, especially if the first one is в or ф (во Франции - in France, во владении - in one's property). But in many cases words starting with many consonants (but not в/ф) are still preceeded by в: в классе - In a class(room), в правилах - in a rulebook.

  • before words "всякий" and "весь": во всю мощь - at top of one's might, во всяком случае - in any case, or the Russian title for Breaking Bad series - Во все тяжкие.

  • in some set expressions: ложь во спасение - pious fraud

  • when the text needs to look archaic, old-fashioned or exalted... or IS archaic, old-fashioned or exalted:) folk chants, poetry, ceremonial and legal formulae etc etc etc

In a nutshell, в becomes во to make pronunciation easier and save the speaker from choking on barrage of consonants.


Thank you very much for the very detailed answer. I meant the first в. And I see the reason in your second point-there isn't another consonant after ф.


right, and the pronunciation is easy.

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