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Problem Finishing Lessons

EDIT: Someone commented that it was working again, and I checked for myself. Seems to be back on track, Lingot awards and all. Cheers guys!

I finish the lesson, but instead of logging my progress, I get booted back to the main page. No progress has been recorded, which is frustrating. Is there a problem with the code today because of an update or something?

January 7, 2014



Yeah I missed out on 8 lingots before finding out about the problem. Not fun.


Thank you :)


I have a similar problem with lingots


Sorry about this! We fixed the issue.


Thank you! Glad you guys fixed it so quickly. That's awesome.


That happened to me too, the day before yesterday! It's all right by now, I just wanted to share my furstration: I did a new lesson, and finished with flying colours, full hearts, yay I get a bonus!.. um, no.

So I repeated it, and this time I missed one heart. Darn. But... no, again. At this point I gave up. I repeated the lesson yesterday for the third time. It was logged all right that time.

I finished with zero hearts.



I feel your pain! ;)


I had the same problem


Thanks, glad its not just me.


Seems to be a thing today. =/


Suppose we'll just have to wait til the bug/servererror/whatever is fixed


it is happening to me too :/ i did a lesson twice and it didn't show any progress....


Yeah, I just gave it a recheck, and its not working. Went back and tried another lesson to see if that particular lesson was bugged. Nope, its probably all of them.


I was coming here to register the same problem with my lesson. It only seems to happen with new lessons, not practise ones


not true.... i was strengthening one of my lessons and it happened too :(


it├Žs working again for me at least.


i have the same problem, i think duolingo also have a problem ;)


Same problem as well. By the way, I get the full points for the lesson in the point bar, it just doesn't register anywhere else.


Hey, I'm trying to help honing in on the problem. Was your encounter with bug by any chance also after 'French Verbs: Present 3 level 8' ?


It was actually after finishing Pronouns (in French).


I'm also having this problem today! I'm new to Duo Lingo and trying to learn French. I completed the first lesson but it just took me back to the home page. Tried again today and the same situation...


The same....I tried Basic1 for germany. I passed the lesson 1 of 5 but I can't go to the next lesson.When I do the lesson 1 of 5 twice,three times,multiple times and I got the maximum exp "14" 10exp for passing and 4 for hearts remaining.My exp was stuck at 14 and I didn't get more. :( What actually happened?


I have a similar problem


I have the same problem it is driving me crazy!!!


I was having an issue with this 6 months ago when I tried to continue my studying. I've just come back and it's STILL not working. It doesn't work in any browser, I've cleared the cache numerous times and I don't really want to use the mobile app. There must be some fix by now.


When I take a placement or skills test, the system freezes after submission of the last answer. Doesn't display or save a score or generate a link to proceed to another test or activity. Using Windows 7, have tried with both Chrome and IE browsers.

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