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Why only a few languages at a time in the incubator?

As of now, only people that know the languages currently available in the incubator can help work on it. Several people might know a language like Greek, and could contribute to a course like that. But since there are only a few languages there right now, there's no progress being made on those languages. Does anybody else think this should be fixed, or am I missing something?

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We received thousands of applications. This is a new project, so we are, as pont and brewster mentioned, making sure that we get this just right. We want to see as many languages offered for free on Duolingo. Lots in store for 2014!

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With a new project like the incubator, it's wise to roll it out in stages. This means that bugs and problems can be identified and fixed when they're still only affecting a small number of people. This kind of staged deployment is fairly common in software projects, especially those which will ultimately have user bases numbering in the millions. It's a very sensible thing to do: people can get very angry and frustrated when things don't work properly, so it's best to make sure that everything is as near perfect as possible before throwing the doors wide open.

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I think the idea is that the incubator is being slowly released to maintain a high quality, therefore they are spending a lot of time searching through to find a select few amount of contributors to start new courses, they also have a massive back log of applicants to look through for many languages so this could take time, i think as time goes on the incubator will become more efficient and hopefully more languages will be released !

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What's to 'fix'? Duo is providing a free service and adding new languages costs them time and money.

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