"Ges i gyri a reis i ginio."

Translation:I had curry and rice for lunch.

March 26, 2016

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What would 'dw i wedi cael cyri a reis I ginio" translate to in english then?


Where there is a wedi with the verb-noun it is usually indicates a perfect tense with 'have/has/had'. In this case:

  • Dw i wedi cael cyri i ginio. - I have had curry for lunch/dinner.

This is explained somewhere in the notes for the course units.


Thank you, I really should read more about the tenses in English, I never really realised that "i had" and "I have had" were that different


What time of the day does cinio refer to - lunch or evening meal?


Either... It depends on a person's own usage.


ok, so basically it's the same as 'dinner'?


Or 'lunch'...! Same word in Welsh used for both English words.

This sort of thing is quite common - do not expect a one-to-one correspondence between English and Welsh words.


I get you :) what I was meaning was that 'dinner' can be used for either lunch or tea (whereas I never use the word dinner - I eat breakfast, lunch and tea), so It seems there is a parallel here


I'm from North Wales, and we always had breakfast, dinner (midday) then tea (evening). If we had a light snack before bed, that was supper. Now I live in London so I have breakfast, lunch (midday) and dinner (evening), unless I'm visiting posh friends, then the evening meal is supper. Simples! ;)


I guess you're from up north then?


Sentences all start with capital letters in Wales right?


Is it me or does the spoken sentence start with "Gles" instead of "ges" ?


May I ask whether this audio sample pronounces the correct stress on the single words?


It sounds reasonably natural. A lot depends on the context in which things are being said, though, and of course an automated system such as this will not get things 100% anyway. The best way to learn general intonation and accent is by listening to natural speech, but that can be hard when you are just starting to learn and cannot yet recognise very many words.

Look on the S4C sites for the programme Dal Ati, which is designed for learners. Also look on the Open University's 'Open Learn' site for the extracts from their old Croeso Welsh course - that has a number of listening tasks.


Thanks so much! Diolch!

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