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"Учитель говорит, а мы слушаем его."

Translation:The teacher is talking and we are listening to him.

March 26, 2016



Why exactly is it "а" and not "и" here?


Ooo. Something i actually know! Its "а" because the two things are contrasting. The teacher is talking. We, by contrast, are listening.


Maybe because our verb is the polar opposite of the teacher's verb?


Why is it «его» at the end and not «ему»? "To him" is indirect object and thus dative, no?


"To" isn't referring to an indirect object here. It's just something we add after "Listen" for whatever reason.

An indirect object means there's a possibility for a direct object.

You can read a book to someone, or give a gift to someone, but you can't "Listen music to someone".


Ah yes, my mistake was not recognising what 'to' was actually supporting in the sentence, and in this case it's the verb, not the object. Of course there is no such usage of this grammatical function in Russian, so the circumstances can seem a bit blurred. Thanks for your help!


What is wrong with "The teacher is speaking and we are listening"?

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The meaning is similar but the translation is not literal enough. The prompt contains его, so your answer will need to contain "him".


We might be listening to something else while he was talking. Would the something else be in the dative as an indirect object


Учитель говорит, а мы слушаем музыку (а мы слушаем радио, а мы читаем Гарри Поттера :)) It would still be accusative (винительный падеж, кого? Что?).

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