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"Han kunne have fået en smerte i brystkassen, hvis han tog den forkerte medicin."

Translation:He could have gotten chest pain, if he took the wrong medicine.

March 26, 2016



These are the wrong tenses again in English. It should be "if he had taken the medicine".


I agree with you. The other way round would also be correct: "He could get chest pain if he took the wrong medicine."


I always get this sentence marked as wrong because I automatically write "if he had taken" – if he took is just wrong (and I am a non-native English speaker and still know that)


This is the Third Conditional in English. He could have got [not 'gotten', an Americanism] chest pain, had he taken/if he had taken the wrong medicine.


"Gotten" is not just an Americanism - it's also Old (and Middle) English. It went to North America with the English emigrants in the 17th and early 18th centuries, whilst it disappeared in British English through the 18th and 19th centuries. It remains standard American English, so is just as acceptable a form as "got" in standard British English (though "gotten" seems to be coming back to Britain as well - a lot of young people here use it).


I understand what you say but the same argument could be made for Québec French or for Afrikaans (in relation to Dutch). The Oxford Dictionary lists it as 'North American usage'. But even other words through this course, like 'sucky' or 'fall' (instead of autumn) are chiefly American, that's why I felt the need to comment on them.

Either way the main point I wanted to make is the one made above, by yourself as well, that it should be in the Third Conditional form 'had he taken/if he had taken', and not the Simple Past 'took' =)


Duo didn't like my indefinite article. I put "He could have gotten a chest pain, if he took the wrong medicine." and it was marked wrong.


My sympathies. Duo marks me wrong when I write chest pains instead of just chest pain.


Got a and gotten "both should be accepted in the English language"

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