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  5. "Edrychais i ar y teledu."

"Edrychais i ar y teledu."

Translation:I watched the television.

March 26, 2016



"I watched television" should be acceptable. Not just "I watched THE television".


Correct. As if the "the" wasn't there, it could translate into English as "I watched a TV". I shall add it now :)


I think "I watched television" and "I watched the television" have different meanings ("I watched a TV show" and "I looked at this particular TV to make sure nothing happened to it", respectively). Which meaning is meant here?


There is also a difference between "gwylio" to watch and "edrych ar" to look at, so literally the sentence means "I looked at the television". For your example of keeping an eye on a TV you could say "gwyliais i'r teledu", which you would never use for "I watched television".

To sum up, "edrychais i ar y teledu" literally translates as "I looked at the television", but in practice it means "I watched television", the word "y" being there because that's how the language works, not because it is a particular television. Tell me if this isn't clear!


Diolch! This makes much more sense now.


That's really helpful, thank you obado! I've saved your message to keep in case I forget.

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