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  5. "Руки и ноги - части тела."

"Руки и ноги - части тела."

Translation:Arms and legs are parts of the body.

March 26, 2016



'Arms and legs are body parts.' is also correct, but sounds much more ominous. ;)


I find it very strange that Russian doesn't differentiate between hand and arm. Can anyone explain why the language developed this way?


There is a separate term for a hand - "кисть руки". But it's not used in the colloquial speech. It sounds clinical and formal. "Рука" works well enough. Most of the time people have no problem getting the intended meaning from the context.


I'm not sure why but in Hebrew and informal Arabic (at least the dialect I know) it's the same. People would use the same word to refer to both and you'll know from the context (although there's a word for "arm")

[deactivated user]

    yeah it's the same in indian languages


    Is части pronounced correctly? What's with the hard "a" sound?


    Well thank you captain obvious


    And whats wrong with he answer "arms and legs - parts of the body"? Godd@mnit!


    About time duolingo accepted the ampersand!


    I put (the) arms and legs are parts of the body and was marked wrong. Is putting (the) really wrong?

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