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I have been learning Swedish for a while on this site and with rosetta stone. I had to find places to listen to native speakers on my own, but i would like to share a few links or give a good list of music if you want to listen to it :)

That website is to a radio station in Sweden, they talk about political stuff and other things and sometimes they play Swedish music, but they play english music too. You can also read news in Swedish on the website and it changes daily (I think so anyways...)

This is a link to a playlist I made on Spotify (f.y.i Spotify is a Swedish company), it's free so don't worry about paying for anything. They are all Swedish songs and there are pop songs and rap songs and acoustic songs and I add more music as I find it.

I hope I was able to help :)

Update: there is a free book on iBooks its called Learn Swedish word power 101. You can listen to words and phrases. Ive learned a few new words this site doesn't teach.

March 26, 2016


Great playlist! Thanks!

March 27, 2016

[deactivated user]

    Thanks for the links : D!

    If you want i can give you a little help too.I have just answered now to another user for some swedish resources and here is the discussion:

    i hope it can be useful for all of you ;).

    March 27, 2016


    March 28, 2016

    Tack så mycket! <3

    April 2, 2016

    Tack så mycket! Listening is my biggest challenge in every language I learn

    January 28, 2017


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