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  5. "Der Hund trinkt Wasser."

"Der Hund trinkt Wasser."

Translation:The dog drinks water.

January 8, 2014



So animals fressen instead of essen, do they trinken differently, or the same as humans?


Well, in some cases instead of "trinken" the verb "saufen" is used. It means to drink bigger amounts as usual. For a bird you would never use "saufen" but for a horse you can do. For a human you can use it for insulting him/her. ;-)


Same as humans.


Fressen isn't used any more in German now they only use essen don't ask me why.


only for essen the word is different, trinken is always the same


Why is it that I pronounce it properly, my mike works, but I still get it wrong?


Happens to me too


It happened to me and I fixed it by just going a little slower.


WHY , some times is die katze and in other der katze


Depending on the grammatical case. Nominativ and Akkusativ: "die Katze", Dativ and Genitiv "der Katze" - an example for female nouns.

And for the dog, that is male in German, it goes this way: Nominativ: der Hund, Akkusativ: den Hund, Dativ: dem Hund, Genitiv: des Hundes.


Why is "the hound is drinking water" not an appropriate translation?


This translation is correct too. You can report a problem cause your answer should be accepted. I am brazilian and, in portuguese, the translation for hound is 'cão de caça', not just 'cão'. But in german Hund can be 'cão de caça' (hound) or even 'cão' (dog). I wait have helped! :)


Is the "h" of 'hund' pronounced when said in a sentence? For some reason I only hear it when the word is pronounced separately...?


Yes and the d is pronounced as t


Do you also use "der" for female dogs?


Yes, in general you can use it for female dogs as well. The same rule is valid for male cats with saying "Die Katze trinkt Wasser."


However, there is a word for specifically female dogs, if you want to know, though it’s not used except in contexts where that’s significant: die Hündin.


Keeps saying I'm wrong, but I am writing the same thing as "correct answer"


So I used the singular form of drinking trinkst yet it counted it wrong


Trinkst is only for singular "you." Third-person singular is trinkt.


why der Hund and die muse? Is die used only for feminine gender? If so then why der Hund ? dogs can be female also.?


The grammatical (!) gender is not nessecarily related to a natural given one. That's one of the big obstacles by learning German for English speaking people ;-) So don't ask, why a dog and a wolf are male in German (der Hund, der Wolf) and a cat and a mouse are female (die Katze, die Maus); these words are used for all those living beings of both natural genders.

But a lof of grammatical male words (some animals; nearly all professions) can be transformed into a female form by adding the suffix "-in". "der Hund" => "die Hündin" "der Wolf" => "die Wölfin"

"der Lehrer" => "die Lehrerin" "der Direktor" => "die Direktorin" "der Schüler" => "die Schülerin"

But these grammatical female words are for the exclusive use for female beings - allthough some rediculous political gender discussions suggest something else.

The other way exists also, transforming a grammatical female noun into a male one, that can only be used for male beings. But there are only a few examples: "die Katze" => "der Kater" "die Maus" => "der Mäuserich"

I hope, I could help


Grammatical gender has nothing at all to do with the biological sex of people or animals. It just has to be learned along with each noun.


why cant it be "a dog"?


I guess this is just to practice definite and indefinite articles.


it sounded like they said die instead of der


What is the different of using of Das,Die,Der . ? Are Das used for unthinking ?!


It depends on whether each noun is grammatically masculine, feminine, or neuter. Has nothing to do with the biological sex of any creature, and the noun genders have to be learned by rote.


Sometimes the options for trinkt come as 'is drinking' and sometimes 'drinks'. Why?


I just tapped on the button and it already ringed wrong




I think they all sound the same


I put the dog drinks water and I got it wrong can anyone tell me why?


In English, we have 'Dog' and '❤❤❤❤❤'. Here in German, why do we just have 'der Hund'. What do we call the female of this spices?


Female dog is Hundin

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