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  5. "He reads newspapers."

"He reads newspapers."

Translation:Él lee periódicos.

January 21, 2013



Big Fellow: Does that mean this sentence is correcto: El lee el diario. ? Gracias.


Yes, that is a correct Spanish phrase. It means: "he reads the newspaper".


Why is "Él lee diario" not correct? Do we always need "the" (el) before, if it's singular?


Because they are asking for the plural. In that case you would have used los. I honestly have not the slightest idea when the article should be used and when not. To be on the safe side I always use it.

Well, I will just start learning the vocabulary and getting familiar with the language and then I will tackle the grammar. Even though I hate grammar, I would feel better learning it since the sentence used here sound a little bit strange to me.


Guys, it is exactly the same as in English. In the plural form, you can sometimes omit the article.


  • He reads the newspaper (correct)
  • He reads newspaper (wrong)


  • He reads the newspapers (correct)
  • He reads newspapers (correct)

There is a small difference in significance if the article is omitted. In Spanish, it's the exact same thing.


El refers to He. It's diarios cause it's talking about multiple newspapers.


I believe that your sentence is not correct due to the fact that you don't have diaro in a plural form. It has nothing to do with "el" at all.


Because you have to write it in plural form. As in , "Él lee los diarios" I hope you get it


Is it right to use 'lee' with 'usted'? not in this particular sentence..i am asking in general..or should i use 'leer'? confused about it...seems like 'lee' is 'reads'..as in "he reads the book" shud be "lee el libro"...but if i say "you read the book", shud i write "lee el libro" or "leer el libro"? google trnslate is showing the latter one...confused


"leer" is the infinitive form: "to read". The correct form is "usted lee".

Read this, it should clear things up a bit: www.studyspanish.com/lessons/regverb1.htm

If you have more doubts, feel free to post them here.


is it a sentence i can use "unos" in?

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