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"Il suo lavoro non finisce lì."

January 21, 2013



I can also use "her"


I said, "His work is not finished there," but it was not accepted. I reported it, but can anyone explain why this is not the same idea?


My guess is the word finished being in the past tense caused the error.


It's possible, but that doesn't change the fact that "it is not finished" is a present-tense construction in English and an acceptable equivalent in meaning to the Italian. I reported that it should be accepted. Often they make changes (they are learning from us also), but they seem very inconsistent about acknowledging the change. Sometimes I get an e-mail thanking me, but often I don't, and I learn later that the change was made anyway. Perhaps it depends on who handles the report, or perhaps my report was not the first. Chi sa?

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