"Sto lat!"

Translation:Happy birthday!

March 27, 2016



This is idiomatic, I assume.

March 27, 2016


Yes it literally means "hundred years", while happy birthay literally means "wesołych urodzin". But if you try witshing someone "wesołych urodzin" people will be confused.

March 27, 2016


just don't say it to anyone who's celebrating their 100th birthday...

March 27, 2016

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In such case, just say "Dwieście lat!" (200 years!)

March 29, 2016


I said this to my grandmother-in-law recently (she's only 79) and my wife said it wasn't enough - I always assumed it was short for something like 'I hope you live for a hundred more years' but it turns out it's more like 'I hope you live for a hundred years in total' :/

January 25, 2018


Well, I think that 79 is way too early to get offended, but generally yeah, it's "I hope you'll live to your 100th birthday" :) So sometimes it happens that people decide to change it to "Dwieście lat!" and that is surely a safe version :D

January 26, 2018


Is lat always assumed to be plural? In english we have one year, two years. I haven't ran into a one year situation in polish yet

October 9, 2018
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