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"To jest wasz krab i wasza ryba."

Translation:This is your crab and your fish.

March 27, 2016



Do you always have to reiterate possession when the gender of the noun changes? Could you not say "wasz krab i ryba"?


"Wasz krab i ryba" is understandable, people say this way often, but... to be honest I am not sure whether this form is correct. I've tried to find some professional opinion on the matter, unfortunately I couldn't find anything. I think it's ok to skip the second possessive, unless you say things like "mój ojciec i przyjaciel", because this one my be a little bit confusing - it's hard to say whether you mean your father, who is also your friend, or two different persons. To sum up - for me it's natural to say "wasz krab i ryba" :)


no, your sentence is wrong - in Polish "crab" is masculine noun and "fish" is feminine noun so aright is "wasz krab i wasza ryba"


I grew up speaking Polish though I didn't learn grammar. When I read this sentence, I thought it might be a waiter bringing food to the table. The waiter puts a plate of crab for the gentleman and fish for the lady. 'Jest' seems correct in this sentence.


If i'm not mistaken, this phrase isn't correct. It could be "This is your crab with your fish" or "These ARE your crab and your fish". Am I wrong?


Seems that it's 'technically wrong, but in very common use'... I don't know what to do here. I added the plural version, but I think it would be better to leave the singular as the default, not to confuse people.


Thanks a lot for adding plural


For some reason it didn't accept what I put, and yet it is the version given: to jest wasz krab i wasza ryba.


Similar question as below regarding plural: Is it correct in Polish to use jest here before the two nouns?

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