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  5. "You are on TV!"

"You are on TV!"

Translation:Dych chi ar y teledu!

March 27, 2016



Why is this not "Chi'n/Ti'n ar y teledu?" Btw dw i'n caru'r cwrs! Diolch yn fawr!


If the verb is followed by a preposition, there is no need for the yn that links dw i, etc with a verb-noun:

  • Dw i ar y bwrdd - I am on the table
  • Bydda i gyda fy ffrindiau - I will be with my friends
  • Ro'n i yn Aberystwyth - I was in Aberystwyth
  • (Rydych) chi ar y teledu heno - You're on the telly tonight


  • Dw i'n sefyll ar y bwrdd - I am standing on the table
  • Bydda i'n bwyta gyda fy ffrindiau - I will be eating with my friends
  • Ro'n i'n canu yn Aberystwyth - I was singing in Aberystwyth
  • (Rydych) chi'n ymddangos ar y teledu - You are appearing on television tonight
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