"We will"

Translation:Byddwn ni'n

March 27, 2016



Seems pedantic to me that it won't accept "byddwn ni" as a possible answer


On its own, with nothing following, byddwn ni'n has no real meaning over and above byddwn ni - it needs to be followed by a verb-noun or an adjective or noun to complete the sense of the trailing 'n. Your byddwn ni is correct for 'we will' or 'we will be'.

If Duo is expecting an answer 'Yes, we will' or 'We will', then byddwn would be sufficient.

Just mark byddwn ni'n 'unnatural' when it comes up and and your byddwn ni as 'my answer should be accepted', and Duo should hopefully be able to sort it out during this beta test phase.

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