"Les femmes veulent des robes bleues."

Translation:The women want blue dresses.

January 21, 2013

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This is the first time I've heard the usage of vouloir in the plural third person; it would be helpful to introduce this conjugation to students before randomly using it ten levels into the course.


Hi gnedge. Was it sprung on you as an audio task? I had this task first time too but it was a written one which meant of course that I could access the translater before answering, and of course look at all the conjugations too. The tasks pop up randomly and if you were hit with the audio version first then that is unfair... indeed unreasonable. Worth posting it as a problem.


same issue here, type the spoken word you've never seen before is a tough one...


Is it me or does it sound more like "volent" (not that the sentence would then make much sense)?


I'm glad it wasn't just me who thought they were stealing!


That's what I thought too!


I have no idea in what context to use the variations of 'want'...


No idea what this word is. A list of verbs before we're supposed to know them would be helpful.


I am certain that once I typed "bleues" in a sentence and it was corrected to "blues." Now, I used "blues" and it was supposed to be "bleues." What am I missing here?


Possibly the gender? "Bleus" is masculine plural; "bleues" is feminine plural.


There's a weird sound when the speaker says "bleues".


Yes, there is. I heard that on one of the previous "bleues" too. The same knocking sound. Probably the word is haunted. Some people believe blue is the colour for sadness and loneliness.


Help! Why is it not, the women want 'the' blue dresses.


kind of a confusing sentence


how do you know which to use without memorizing a list of conjugations?


Maybe with continual use daily, Cronder, over some time, you would memorise them. What I do is firstly go to Google Translate French/English and enter the English infinitive, let's use Je Mange but for the conjugation Site I need the French infinite first. So Google Translate gives me for To Eat = Manger. Now I go to Conjugatefr.com click on the link and when onsite I enter Manger and it gives me all 47 of the conjugations. (You won't need all of them to complete the Duo course.) Try it out. Hope it works for you and is useful. Needless to say, eventually, you will need to have at least all the present tense ones of the three groups memorised. Bonne chance. JJ.


The way Duolingo introduces new words is lazy.


Since the prompt for Veulent gives 'choses' as an alternative translation, why can't this be: the women chose blue dresses?

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