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  5. "Enillodd Cymru'r gêm."

"Enillodd Cymru'r gêm."

Translation:Wales won the game.

March 27, 2016



Would it be wrong to put Cymru first in this sentence?


Hmm, I don't think so except it would need to be reworked a bit in terms of the definite article. "Cymru enillodd y gêm". Also the two sentences have different effects. The first is more a general statement whereas the second puts emphasis on "Cymru".


Makes sense, thank you!


Had the sentence been 'Wales won a game', which of the following would be correct?

Enillodd Cymru êm.  (the direct object after a simple past takes a soft mutation)


Enillodd Cymru gêm.  (if so, why is the mutation not applied?)

A second question.
Can the sentence start with mi  before the 'short' form of the simple past, or is this only correct when the 'longer' (periphrastic) form is used?

Mi enillodd Cymru'r gêm.


Mi wnaeth Cymru ennill y gêm.

Thank you in advance.


Loan words starting with g- tend to resist soft mutation - gêm and garej are two examples.

The positive particle fe/mi can be used to start any positive statement except with some forms of bod, although that is sometimes ignored in casual speech in some areas.


  • Fe/Mi enillodd e....
  • Fe/Mi wnaeth e ennill...

Note that the course sentences database does not always allow for mi/fe in every possible case. Whether they are used or not and exactly where and when is dependent on the many dialect variations across Wales.

In general, unless you live in an area where fe/mi is routinely used, don't use them.

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In regards to the second question, 'mi' generally in the North and 'fe' ( in some parts of the South) are used for the short form, while 'mi' is also used for the auxilary form of the past tense.


Thanks again to both of you, the explanations were very clear.


Why not 'Wales have won the game" ? I can't win!!!


Two different tenses in both languages:

  • Enillodd Cymru'r gêm. - Wales won the game. (simple past tense)
  • Mae Cymru wedi ennill y gêm. - Wales have won the game. (present perfect tense)


"Ennilodd cymru'r gem" - usually small spelling mistakes are accepted. Which was the fatal error here - not capitalizing Cymru, which isn't usually a problem, or misspelling enillodd?


I think one mistake is usually ignored (if it doesn't result in another valid word) but two mistakes give an error.

I see three mistakes in your answer:

  • Ennilodd cymru'r gem (yours)
  • Enillodd Cymru'r gêm. (Duolingo)

As far as I know, Duolingo completely ignores capitalisation, so it's probably the combination of the other three errors.

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