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Language exchange - Spanish/English - Interested?

Hey everyone!

I'm learning Spanish and I have already found some people who quite enjoy writing with me on my stream/profile.

So whether your are a Spanish native speaker and want to communicate with an English native speaker (in both languages, so both can practice) or if you are a Spanish learner and just want to use your language:

I'm quite happy to write back and forth (just casual things, interesting things, nice conversations).

Don't hesitate to write (here or on my stream), I'll surely text you back if your are not writing anything stupid.

I just think that we all learn a lot more of the language if we actually use it in a meaningful context.


2 years ago


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If you're interested in a language exchange between native speakers of English and Spanish on WhatsApp, Telegram, or Google Hangouts, you can follow this link for more info:


1 year ago


Hola, mi llama Brittany. Como esta? Estoy muy bien. Apprendiendo espanol. I am a native English speaker and will willingly exchange language knowledge with you. P. S. I gave you 4 lingots and upvoted you.

2 years ago


Hi, my name is Lester, I'm from Guatemala, native Spanish speaker, I really would like to become fluent in English with your help, and in exchange you can become fluent in Spanish with my help

7 months ago

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This sounds like a great idea.

2 years ago


Great idea!!

2 years ago


Hi! I'm a Spanish girl (from Madrid). I would like to keep improving my English and help you if you want.

2 years ago


Hello, I am a native english speaker learning spanish. Hop we could help each other out. gracias.

2 years ago


Hi! I'm neither a native Spanish speaker, nor English. I'm Dutch though and a Spanish learner. I'd love to practice! Regards, Puck

2 years ago


Hola, mi llama Lauren. I am a native English speaker, I would love to practice Spanish. I am trying (and failing) to learn Spanish, I can't make it stick in my head. I am going on holiday to Spain in 6 weeks and would love to remember enough to be polite. I have big trouble remembering how to conjugate, I can't remember which suffix goes with which "person".

2 years ago


Hola Lauren. Ayuda me su; I think that means "I'll help you." Like you I am a native English speaker, trying to learn Spanish but seem to understand it. Gracias y denada, Nickie509

2 years ago