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  5. "Wy wspieracie naszą rodzinę."

"Wy wspieracie naszą rodzinę."

Translation:You support our family.

March 27, 2016



Yes, yes and yes. I would say it's more like emotional support in this sentence, but you can also say "wy wspieracie naszą rodzinę finansowo", and there is no doubt you mean financial support. "Wspierać" is used for things too, for example "Most wspiera się na 114 filarach" - "The bridge is supported by 114 pillars"


Is this financial support? Emotional support? Is this word also used for physically holding something up?


Why can't you simply say "Wspieracie naszą rodzinę" why is it marked wrong if you omit Wy.


Did you get a type-what-you-hear exercise? In that case you must type in exactly what is being read without omitting anything.

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