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Welsh Penpal

Would anyone be interested in having a short conversation to help improve my Welsh abilities?

March 27, 2016



Have a look at ffrinDiaith:

Originally inspired by Hywel Gwynfryn, ffrinDiaith is a partnership between the 6 Welsh for Adults centres and SaySomethinginWelsh.com to help learners find and get to know first language Welsh speakers.

The idea is to meet (face to face or via Skype!) on a regular basis (however often suits both of you) - and just talk in Welsh. That's all there is to it - but people who make that commitment say that their Welsh skills go through the roof.

Just fill your details in below, and you'll be able to get going, or to ask any questions you have...:-)

And if you haven't tried SSiW yet, go give it a try! Duolingo is best at teaching reading and a bit of writing, but SSiW is all about listening and speaking - a much better introduction to conversation if that is your ultimate goal.

Take your pick between the old "Course 1" and the new "Level 1" courses; both of them come in "North" and "South" versions.


I had completely forgotten about that, after having finally finished the course here i might actually be ready to sign up for it :)


Thanks! Have a Lingot!


yes meeeeeeeeeee , im learning welsh (not that great at it though)

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