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For everyone who is interested in Russia and Russian language

Hi everyone from Moscow!

Glad to see that Russian Duolingo course is developing so rapidly, graduated from Beta and is heading to 1 million learners. Congratulations to the team! We have decided to make a small contribution too and created an extensive Russian Geography Memrise course for everyone interested in Russia, its language and culture. It already includes loads of information available for studying:

-political division terminology to understand what Russia consists of;

-fun facts like how large are Russian regions compared to different countries of the world;

-locations of Russian federal districts and regions on the map;

-administrative centers and symbols of all federal subjects;

-countries that share border with Russia and exact Russian regions they are neighboring;

-everything about the largest Russian cities: location on the map, current population, year each of them was founded. And finally the best part - popular nicknames of major cities, absolutely essential and widely used in press, literature and elsewhere;

-physical geography part covers rivers, seas, lakes and reservoirs, river and sea ports, islands and peninsulas and much more!

Along the way you can master your Cyrillic reading skills as Russian name is always provided for everything. For those already able to read Cyrillic - Russian version of this course is also available (don’t worry about spelling, it is completely non-typing).

Here is the link: http://www.memrise.com/course/985738/russian-geography-the-ultimate-course/

Hope you will find it useful. Any comments are much welcomed!

March 27, 2016



Looks great! I've been practicing the alphabet over there, so I'll add some geography as well! Спасибо

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This looks very interesting (and I liked to see the maps) but you said a Russian version of this course is also available (I assumed by Russian version you meant using cyrillic alphabet) I did not find it... is there another link? or is it just part of the linked course?


By Russian version i surely meant another course, which is completely in Russian language. I just thought it will be easy to find it in Teaching section of my Memrise profile. But here is direct link for you not to look for it:


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Now I see perhaps it should have been obvious, but I did not know how to look for it so I am grateful for the link. Thanks!


Glad it helped, you're welcome!


Looks very interesting, I'll definitely look at it soon


Nice! Just a note: 'Autonomous' doesn't have an 'h' in it. Enjoying it though. I now know all the federal districts and their capitals! :D


Thanks for your note, fixed it.


This is very cool! I will check it out.


Sounds like you put a lot of work into it. Congrats! I'll check it out for sure.


Thanks! I will look in, definitely!


Thanks :) Greetings from Argentina!

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