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In-lesson error message for sound

Hi there! (I deleted this a minute ago to gather more information, which I've included below)

I am using Windows 7/Firefox and have been encountering this problem of sound error message often. (Screen shot at the bottom of the post).

I was using the English for Spanish speakers course, but the same happens with the Spanish for English speakers but much less often.

When I run out of hearts before I complete a lesson, I am given the option to start again. Whether I select that option (which I did when I took this screen shot) or if I hit the refresh button, more often than not I am receiving this sound error.

To void this error message once I have failed a lesson, I can return to Inicio/Home, find the skill module, and then enter the lesson through those means.

I think I can trace the upswing to when I was placed in the beta layout test group. (It happened a few times before then, but not several times a day as it has been doing). I have tried closing my browser and reopening it. And I have tried clearing my cookies. Is there something else I should try or is this just a system wide bug?

Message as it appears on my screen

Alt text

English Translation

Alt text

Here is a copy of the Flash Add-ons I found in my Firefox browser. I'm not very tech savvy yet. So, I don't know how to add things to white lists as mentioned in the error message.

Alt text

Thank you for taking the time to look at this!

January 8, 2014


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