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Reading comments on Timed Practice

Simply, the counter should pause during timed questions if you click on read comments. It's especially annoying if you click to read and in a few seconds it disappears because the round ended.

January 21, 2013



I think the real solution to this is that there should be a pause button that you can use AFTER answering a question and BEFORE seeing the next one. This necessary not only for the above mentioned reason (i.e. to check the comments) but also because sometimes you just have to do something else in the middle of the practice, and you don't want to lose a session where you got all 16 answers right, and there's only 4 left :)


At the beginning I thought it would work as a chess timer, when you were presented with the exercise, the timer would start and the moment you say check, it would hold while you do all the reading, comments and so forth. Then the cycle would repeat for each. ... Well it doesn't


I also think the timer is too fast for the more advanced units with long sentences. I only manage to answer 1-2 questions even if I don't try to give any feedback.


It was actually quite good, but recently (not more than a week ago) they increased the number of translations from English to Italian. If you combine this with the fact that the sentences are too long, you get to where you are (and me too, by the way). I can rarely do more than 8-10 points in a timed practice.


The timer is a ❤❤❤❤❤! It does not take into account us poor devils who can only 2 finger type. Surely accuracy is more important than speed in the basic levels?


It's hard even with 10 finger typing.


True! I can type quite fast (like 60 wpm). Up until like lvl 12 I could beat the clock each time. Then the sentences got more complicated, and more English-->[Italian] translations appeared (something I really like btw) and after that my good answers dropped to about 5-6 in average, and I'm very happy if I can reach 10.


It took me few weeks to learn type with 10 fingers. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jp1SXl8x8y4


If you aren't worried about your speed, you can use the un-timed practice.


I agree with you all on the various comments you make about the timer. I type quite well, and I touch type, but still cannot type fast enough to complete the (2 minute) timed rounds. After a while, though, I just stopped worrying about the timer. I agree that the pressure to respond quickly is helpful in keeping you on your toes. But who am I trying to beat? Now that I don't even look at the timer, I can afford to check my answer before hitting 'enter', read a few comments, think a bit about the mistakes I've made. OK, so I don't win as many points. But so what?


I agree with you, but my original comment was about trying to read comments and then they disappear - not about gaining points :)


sure. I was commenting in general. For people who want to use the timers, there are certainly issues.


Nothing changed in 3 months. Shame. It's really annoying :(


That is a must! I am now dealing with fairly long sentences and I can do at most a couple of exercises if I review things...


it also kept on going even after the time was up, even when i had no hearts left, but after i lost after i had already no hearts it said sorry, times up


Those of us who have arthritis in our hands will never be able to get anywhere close to beating the clock without some of the above excellent suggestions being adopted.

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