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  5. "Hon bor mitt i staden."

"Hon bor mitt i staden."

Translation:She lives in the middle of the city.

March 28, 2016



What is the difference between 'mitt' and mitten'? Why not 'hon bor mitten av staden'?


While I can't find any specific rules on the difference, I can tell you what the different words imply to a native speaker.

When you say 'Hon bor mitt i staden' it feels more general, as if she lives just anywhere not in the outskirts of the city. If someone, for example, asked you if she could get to the subway easily, you could reply with 'Ja, hon bor mitt i staden'. This does not necessarily mean that she lives by the exact center of the city.

'Hon bor i mitten av staden' (remember the 'i') is more like a specific location, as in the actual middle of the city. If you were to look at a map of Stockholm you could say that Riksdagshuset is 'i mitten av staden', while someone who lives by Sankt Eriksplan could be said to live 'mitt i staden'.

Hope this helps!


Fantastic! Really helpful thank you! :)


So, "mitt i stan" means downtown and "mitt i staden" is the actual center of the city?


I wonder about this as well: Why is "she lives downtown" not accepted?


Yeah, I think "She lives downtown" should probably be accepted here as well. It's quicker to type, and frankly I don't really see much difference.


Isn't "center of the city" more correct?


She is living in the middle of the city not correct?


why can't it be hon bor i mitten av staden.


That means literally in the absolute middle of the city. Hon bor mitt i stan/staden means she lives in the city (and presumably close to where things are happening), not in the outskirts .


Why not She lives in the city centre/town centre or She lives in the centre of the town/city? We would not not normally use 'middle' here. (And in the UK it is not usual to say 'downtown'.)

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