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  5. "Dzieci lubią smak lodów."

"Dzieci lubią smak lodów."

Translation:Children like the taste of ice cream.

March 28, 2016



"Children like ice cream's taste" - why not?


is lubic always with genitive?


No it's with accusative in this sentence.

smak=taste is accusative that is equal nominative because smak is masculine not animated

it would become genitive (smaku) if it were negative.

Dzieci nie lubią smaku lodów

But it's smak that is direct object of this sentence, while "lodów"= of ice cream describes taste, and is always in genitive. it can be also translated as ice cream's taste


Children like the taste of ice creams? There can be both ice cream and ice creams (as with fish and fishes-tho' not sheeps)

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