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  5. "¿Me entiende?"

"¿Me entiende?"

Translation:Do you understand me?

January 21, 2013



Can you not just say "understand me?"


That's correct but only in vernacular.


"Understand me?" still not accepted 4 yrs later - 28 April 2017. This is a case in English where the "you" would be clearly understood without having to be said.


Pero entiendes es "you understand" en ingles, asi por que es entiende "you understand" tambien?


Sí, "entiende" es "él/ella/usted entiende" o "he/she/you (formally) understand(s)."


I saw elsewhere that "entiende" and not "entiendes" is used because this is the imperative?

I'm don't really know what that means though, can you point out a similar case in English? How do I know when to use the "el/ella" conjugation?


Ah, this is a good question. This is not actually about imperatives. In this case, "entiende" is being used because it is in the "formal you" (usted), which conjugates to "Usted me entiende".


Is this correct for the difference between:

1) Do you understand me? usted me entiende?

2) Does she understand me? ella me entiende?


Is there a section only on imperatives? Because when I was in school in Spanish 1 our teacher taught us that imperatives were third person, and I think it's a necessary part of Spanish. As so, instead of saying, "Puedes me dar el control remote?" you could tell them to hand it to you as such "Dame el control remote." That sentence is kinda advanced so here's a simple one: "Limpia su cuarto." It feels like a part of Spanish that should be taught early on, to me, so you can communicate more efficiently.


There are other things missing, like more direct good language - new language translations and other everyday words. Especially everyday grammar, like the imperative you pointed out. Another example would be showing someone arround or asking for the way to somewhere... All of these are not interesting for duolingo, since they want you to translate unrelated pieces of work. As cool I think it is, as clear is the focus on their goal to make us translators, instead of giving us practical skills.


They don't teach us culture, which is important in any and every language. It'd be helpful to learn some common Spanish faux pas so that we do not commit them and learn from our mistakes.


I totally agree! So much to see and all of this would really help to understand and remember the content!


So where we can get those??


Aha!! I was wondering why it wasn't "entiendes"


Since the sentence has question marks, it has to be a question. Thus, it can't be imperative (a command). Entiendes is the informal TU form. Entiende is the formal USTED form.


Is "entiende" same as "comprende"?


Anyone else think he says "hay" at the end?


I listened ten times, definitely an extra e sound after entiende, very odd, sounds like the Canadian eh after a question


it was not clear to me WHO was supposed to be understanding me (you, him, her,) so i wrote "am i understood?" and got it wrong. a pronoun would've been helpful here.


"Am I understood?" would be Se me entiende? — use se for passive voice.


Just as the sentence in Spanish does not have a stated subject, so in English we have that, too. "Understand me?" is definitely something I have said to my children. I think it should be counted as correct.


What would "Does he understand me?" be in Spanish?


"¿Me entiende?" could mean this as well. If you want to be super clear, you'd say "¿Él me entiende?"


Understand me! is imperative. ?Understand me? is interrogative, with You or Do you understood but not stated. BTW, I translated it into English with You understood , and DL marked it incorrect.


I can see myself using this sentence to every spanish speaking person,...after an awkward attempt to comunicate of course :')


Why not "Do you hear me?" can also mean "do you understand ?... "


That is true, but "do you hear me?" is ambiguous.


Isn't, ""¿Me entiende?", closer to saying: "Am I understood?"


Is this...rude? Or can I say this if I am not sure as to whether I am, for example, using the correct palabras?


"understand me?" should suffice. Even possibly "Understand?"


How is 'does he get me' allowed and 'do you understand me' allowed but 'does he understand me' not allowed? Thanks


I heard "me entiende" is rude and "me explico" is polite. Any native speakers that can confirm?


Can it not be "Am I understood?"


Man everybody in latin america uses comprende never heard other


And that's how French became my worst enemy. Entender VS entendre

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