"They have not read this newspaper."

Translation:One nie przeczytały tej gazety.

March 28, 2016

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How do the suffixes '-ły' and 'li' differ?




Ja przeczytałam
Ty przeczytałaś
Ona przeczytała

male: Ja przeczytałem
ty przeczytał
on przeczytał

ono przeczytało

group of people that includes at least one male person , (or one person and one masculine gender noun like girl and dog) - oni (masculine pesonal gender)

my przeczytaliśmy
wy przeczytaliście
oni przeczytali

group of female people, children when referred to as children before and all not personal nouns - one (not masculine personal gender)

my przeczytałyśmy
wy przeczytałyście
one przeczytały


Does this imply that they haven't FINISHED reading the newspaper because it's using the perfective przeczytac?

So if I (as the respondant of this question) have read this newspaper partly but not the entirely yet, would my answer be Tak or Nie?


Well... this is not a question :D I think the best interpretation would be to say that they were supposed to read this newspaper, but they did not. If they started reading but haven't finished yet... well, this could be said, but perhaps a literal translation of "Nie [skończyli/skończyły] czytać tej gazety" would be better.


When should you use "oni" and when "one"


"oni" - at least one of them is a man.

"one" - none of them is a man.


John and Bob = oni

Anna and Sue = one

John and Sue = oni

99% of Duolingo sentences about 'them' will not have any context that would suggest one of those, so both versions will be equally correct and it's just your own choice.

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