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  5. "Sie sammeln Punkte."

"Sie sammeln Punkte."

Translation:They collect points.

January 8, 2014



There is an English idiom - to score points over someone - which means to be clever to make someone look silly, is this a German equivalent? If not what is!

March 14, 2014


Ah! Thank you!

July 30, 2014


How would this sentence be used? Does it refer to scoring points in a game?

January 8, 2014


Lines. It's referring to lines. Their favorite past-time is collecting points. But only ones along their mx + b equation. Planes also enjoy this activity.

July 29, 2014


It would take them an uncountably infinite amount of time, though.

September 2, 2014


But it would be countable if they remained rational.

January 5, 2015


Then they should lose any hope of continuity along that line.

January 6, 2015


Zeno agrees, calculus less so

February 21, 2019


Yes, or some kind of rewards card system maybe.

January 8, 2014


At several major German grocery chains, they offer deals that change every few months, for something like a discount on a set of pots or knives. For each item, you need a certain number of points, which you collect based on how much you spend there. The cashier will ask when you pay, "Sammeln Sie Punkte?"

June 17, 2015


Out of curiosity, which chains do this?

In the U.S., rewards cards are frequently used at many supermarket and drug stores, but a couple decades ago, savings stamps were issued by some chain stores with purchases. You'd collect enough of them and they'd be good for some product or discount.

June 18, 2015


Kaisers (called Tengelmann in the south), Rewe, and Edeka all do for sure. The discount chains tend not to do this; that includes Aldi, Lidl, PennyMarkt, and Netto.

I remember that some US brands used to do the same thing. If you sent in enough box tops from Betty Crocker or whatever, you could buy various household goods.

June 20, 2015


Danke. Sehr gut gemacht, joanwolk..

August 9, 2019


It sounds a lot like a self-reflexive Duo reference to me

February 8, 2015


Is sammeln also applied for collecting invoices or money?

March 17, 2016


In specific contexts, yes.

If you collect money for a charitable cause, that's indeed "Geld/ Spenden sammeln".
If you collect money from people who owe you this money it's rather "einsammeln/ einkassieren".

If you mean by collecting invoices that you want to collect the money that is stated on these invoices, that's "kassieren" or, more emphatically, "eintreiben" in German.
If you collect invoice slips because you plan to pay them once you have them all together, that would then be "Rechnungen sammeln".

March 17, 2016


Thank you very much for the examples in different contexts. It's pretty clear now :)

March 17, 2016


How about: You earn points?

August 19, 2014


Das ist "verdienen".

August 19, 2014


What does this mean?? Points? Points of what? A game of some sort?

October 10, 2019


Warum werden von meinen 280 Punkten von heute nur 80 Punkte in der Bestenliste angezeigt?

March 4, 2019
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