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No Words for Welsh?

I've noticed two things in Welsh. Number one there is no immersion, and number two there are no words! (When I say this I mean the words tab isn't there like in French) Was this taken out of newer courses too?

March 28, 2016



Was this taken out of newer courses too?

It hasn't been "taken out" from new courses (it would have need to be there at first to be taken out ;) ), it's just not available.

For Immersion tab, see here.
For "Words" tab, see here.


Words and immersion is not implemented in new courses. There is currently an A/B test to see if Words and Immersion would be missed if it was discontinued. So new courses may get those two functions or they may be removed for everyone.


Remark: New courses teaching one of the 6 mentioned languages do have the feature.

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