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  5. "Mom, dad and I ."

"Mom, dad and I ."

Translation:Мама, тато і я.

March 28, 2016



How would i say for example "my mom" or "my dad"?

[deactivated user]

    'My mom' is «моя́ ма́ма», 'my dad' is «мі́й та́то».


    i put R instead of ya and in ukraine its я so does it count?


    No, you cannot use "R" for "я." You also cannot use the Latin "i" for the Ukrainian "і" and so on. These are completely different characters. You should either use Cyrillic characters or Latin transliteration.


    Okay, so it gives me "ya" and then says wrong, I should have said "я". I think that they have way too many mistakes and need to fix the transliteration. I have forgotten from Russian that the Ukrainian might use я as well instead of "ya".


    From your description it is unclear what happened and what you were expecting. One of the reported answers had a mix of Cyrillic and transliterated words. This is not allowed by Duolingo.

    The authors of the course have nothing to do with transliteration. It is done automatically by Duolingo, so you should report any problems with it directly to Duolingo.


    What I found out was that there is this little button on the left that determines if you see "transliteration" or the real letters. This was why I was so confused. I fixed it now so that I see the real Ukrainian letters. I didn't know that it was automatically set to "transliteration" or that I had bumped it to that setting. Thanks!

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