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"I have not washed the potatoes."

Translation:Dw i ddim wedi golchi'r tatws.

March 29, 2016



why is it golchi'r and not ymolchi'r in this sentence

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Golchi is to wash something, ymolchi is to wash yourself. eg dw i'n golchi'r tatws = I am washing the potatoes, Dw i'n ymolchi = I am washing (myself).


The ym- prefix usually means that the action is being done to yourself:

  • Dw i'n golchi'r llestri - I am washing the dishes
  • Dw i'n golchi fy wyneb - I am washing my face
  • Dw i'n ymolchi - I am washing (myself), I am having a wash

  • golchi - to wash (something else)
  • ymolchi - to wash. (implied: yourself)

I don't think you can add an object to ymolchi because it's sort of reflexive - perhaps you can "wash yourself your hands", but not "wash your potatoes" as they aren't part of yourself.


Diolch am eich cygnor. I hope that is OK Welsh sentence. Thanks for your advise.

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