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  5. "Ydyn, maen nhw eisiau mynd."

"Ydyn, maen nhw eisiau mynd."

Translation:Yes, they want to go.

March 29, 2016



Does the word "yes" change when there are pronouns involved ? What's the difference between "ydy" and "ydyn" ?

  • Yde e/hi/Owen wedi blino? Ydy/Nac ydy - 'Is he/she/Owen tired? Yes /No' (singular question, singular answer).
  • Ydy'r plant wedi blino? Ydyn/Nac ydyn - 'Are the children tired? Yes/No.' (Singular ydy, even with a plural noun, plural answer 'they are').
  • Ydyn nhw wedi blino? Ydyn/Nac ydyn - 'Are they tired? Yes/No.' (Plural ydyn only with *nhw*, plural answer).

  • Wyt ti wedi blino? Ydw/Nac ydw - ''Are you tired? Yes/No'.

  • Ydych chi wedi blino? Ydyn/Nac ydyn - 'Are you tired? Yes/No.' (plural you/we)
  • Ydyn ni wedi blino? Ydyn/Nac ydyn - 'Are we tired? Yes/No.' (we/we)
  • Ydyn ni'n mynd nawr? Ydych/Nac ydych - Are we going now? Yes/No.' (we/you plural)


So is mynd "to go"?

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