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"Мне больше нравится красная кофточка."

Translation:I like the red top more.

March 29, 2016



The accepted translation for the exercise would be appreciated


I wrote I like better the red blouse And it was marked wrong

But the translation they give, under кофточка is blouse....top is not mentioned.


I don't know about blouse as a translation, but in English, you would need to say, "I like the red blouse better."


Could "prefer" be used here instead of "like more"? If not, what would the translation of "prefer" be?


"to prefer" is "предпочита́ть" and it's usually used with plural in Russian: I prefer red blouses / Я предпочита́ю красные кофточки. Not just right now buying the blouse in a store or online, but as if I like red blouses in general.


Besides, "предпочита́ть" can be used with mass nouns: Я предпочитаю белый шоколад (white chocolate), Я предпочитаю красное вино (red wine), and infinitives: Я предпочитаю обедать до́ма (to have lunch at home)


Thanks for the explanation!


This is indeed a great explanation, but it does leave me thinking a meaning of "I like the [specific] red top (blouse) more" should be translatable into something like "I prefer the red blouse," taking into account this difference between "prefer" and "предпочитаю"? The English word "prefer" certainly can target specific subjects, but this translation is rejected...


Одно из значений слова "better" - больше. Можно ли его применить в данном предложении? Если нет, то в каких случаях оно применяется с этим значением?


Я думаю, если спросить по английски, шансы на ответ увеличатся! А если серьезно, не пытайтесь абстрактным понятиям найти точный перевод. "better" ближе к переводу "лучше", этого и придерживайтесь. И не придумывайте колесо.

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