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  5. "Nie masz czarnych skarpet."

"Nie masz czarnych skarpet."

Translation:You do not have black socks.

March 29, 2016



What's wrong with "You do not have the black socks"?


It should be allowed. You can report it.


i really don´t know why it is skarpet and not skarpety?


Well, there was plural used in the sentence, and Genitive plural (needed by "nie masz") is "skarpet".

"skarpety" could be Genitive singular (Nie masz czarnej skarpety), one sock.

And of course "skarpety" is Nominative plural, and also Accusative plural.


thank you! i get it now !


I don't understand the spelling of black as czarnych.


Apart from the fact that it's plural Genitive ('mieć' = 'to have' takes Accusative in positive sentences, and most (all?) of those that take Accusative in positive, turn into Genitive when negated), what else is a problem?

Declension of 'czarny' as an adjective


Thank you. I need to do more homework.


why not czarne?


Negation. accusative changes to genitive in negated sentence.

Masz czarne skarpety- nie masz czarnych skarpet.


As Immery said. Adjective gets inflected alongside with the noun and negation causes them both to be in genitive case. Here you can find full declension of the word "czarny": https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/czarny


Pronunciation in the audio seems a bit weird. Is that so? Or it's just me?


Yup, definitely the accent/tone or w/e shouldn't be there on '-pet'.


"You don't have black socks", should be right, you can write " You do not have black socks.", or with "Don't". This is the some.


I need a lot of work on the tenses ? of the sentences.

[deactivated user]

    You do not have black socks on?


    The Polish sentence doesn't specify that it's about wearing socks. Nie masz czarnych skarpet either means that you don't own any, or you just don't have any with you at the moment.


    I do NOT have a clue as to what your explanation is of ch after czarny. Either you have just learned English or you are being funny.


    Polish adjectives and nouns change. This is called declension. Nouns change with cases (there are 7) and number (singular or plural), Nouns also have grammatical gender.

    Adjectives have to match nouns- they change with gender, case and number.

    If the noun is a subject of the sentence it is in case called nominative=mianownik. czarne skarpety

    The object of verb mieć is in case called accusative. As it happens for "czarne skarpety" , accusative = nominative. So "Masz czarne skarpety"

    If the verb is negated, instead of accusative you need case called genitive=dopełniacz,

    Nie masz czarnych skarpet.

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