le pain, la pomme?

How do you know weather a food is masculine or feminine?

6/8/2012, 7:12:28 AM


Most of the time, feminine words end in a double consonant + e (mme, tte, nne etc.) or just a plain 'e', although this isn't always the case. Genders are tricky so it's best to just know the word.

6/8/2012, 7:20:40 AM
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There isn't a general rule but you can guess as it's mostly the same in other languages. (there are exceptions) You'll learn it as you progress and read more in french.

6/8/2012, 8:15:14 AM

Yeah, you really have to learn this word by word. There aren't any rules to govern this.

6/8/2012, 11:02:42 PM

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