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  5. "With the parents"

"With the parents"

Translation:Mit den Eltern

January 21, 2013



Eltern is "Die" and then it should be "Der" eltern, nope?


No, because this is plural.

A few examples: Ich spiele mit der Katze. Ich spiele mit dem Hund. Ich spiele mit dem Kind. Ich spiele mit den Katzen. Ich spiele mit den Hunden. Ich spiele mit den Kindern.


tholenst2 nice exp;anation thanks


If you don't mind, will you please explain why you added an "n" to "Hunden" and "Kindern"?


Hm, because you need it? :) I'm sorry, I'm not so good with explaining grammar, but I know it is because this is the accusative case.

I can give more examples too:

  • Ich sehe die Hunde und die Kinder.

  • Ich spiele mit den Hunden und den Kindern.

If it's still unclear, maybe someone who knows more about the german grammar can help.


In dative form plurals take -n to the end and feminines take -r. I came here to ask why die eltern takes -n, instead of -r but now i see it is count as plural :) Bettter explanations are here : http://www.duolingo.com/comment/72?from_skill=bdcb9d10263c7d82f2b5f95ff788fb47


In dative case, use "den" for undefined nouns like "Eltern"

Does the word "the" in the source not indicate that this is a defined noun? "With the parents" as opposed to "with parents"


Unless I'm mistaken, the dative case also takes 'den' for plural nouns such as 'the parents' or 'the cats'


Can "bei" not be used instead of "mit"? I didn't report it because I don't know if I'm correct, but I always thought "bei" was available when referring to people.

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