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  5. "Winter clothes"

"Winter clothes"

Translation:Dillad Gaeaf

March 29, 2016



Is winter always capitalized?


No. Names of seasons should not be capitalised unless part of the title of something - not a big thing, though. Names of months and days should be capitalised:

  • dydd Llun, nos Fawrth, bore Gwener
  • mis Ionawr, mis Hydref
  • yn y hydref, dros y gaeaf, Gemau Olympaidd y Gaeaf

[deactivated user]

    Hey, I'm having a problem in clothes 1 for Welsh for the first time today (and I have golden'd the skill, just need to master a few spellings).

    Only just now I got "write winter clothes in Welsh" as a picture-to-word question several times. It's not recognising that I have given the correct answer (and spelling).

    When I go to report with the intent to click "my answer should be accepted" there is only one option which is "The pictures do not match the given word". This is why I'm here pointing it out... if the report function doesn't let me when it usually does figured this would be the best place.

    edit: also, it keeps only giving me that question now. Despite that I've clicked "skipped". So... I can't complete that practice right now when I know I need the spelling practice for a few words on Clothes 1.

    That part right there is the most frustrating part of this, tbh. Mistakes happen so hey-ho but... what does duolingo think "skip" means? Take the green completion bar down a step with each skip but just repeat the skipped question over and over? Yeah... that right there is where I'm getting annoyed here. That's a terrible way to implement a skip function, forget the specific problem about the correct answer not being accepted here (and the report function not allowing that to be reported through it despite usually able to).

    What kind of skip function is that?


    This particular phrase, with the wrongly capitalised Gaeaf, was removed from the course a long time ago. It should not be appearing at all.

    The course teams cannot fix system problems such as you describe. If you raise the problem on the troubleshooting forums you may get an answer. If you raise a 'Duolingo bug report', Duo support staff will be able to investigate.

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