"We do not know Martha."

Translation:Nie znamy Marty.

March 29, 2016

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I'm quite amazed how many different forms of 'Martha' there are !!


do you mean declension/ cases? or did you include or the diminutives ?

like most feminine nouns there are
Marty/Mart/Martom/Marty/Martami/Martach/Marty , which makes 10 forms.

but if you add Martunia, Marteczka, Martusia there would be 30 more :)


Thank you for your comprehensive answer. I hope my brain can memorize which word goes with which case, etc. Maybe some day !!


don't overdo it. It will all come with time. Feminine nouns are not that scary.


How would you know the declensions of a name? What would the declensions of my name be? Or is it only for Polish names?


Let's say that it's for most names, even foreign ones, but some of them do not undergo declension. And the vast majority of those that don't, are female. I suppose yours would stay the same in every case.


Okay, checked the rules:

If a feminine name ends in -a (I think every single Polish one does), it undergoes declension. Other female names don't.

If a masculine name ends with a consonant in pronunciation, it undergoes declension. As well as those that end with -a, -o (apart from the short ones like Leo), -y, -i. Not the ones with -u sound at the end (Andrew, Hugh). But most of them undergo declension.


I'm Gabriel, would my name change? I pronounce the l like the english w , so the way I say it it wouldn't change, but you might pronounce it differently.


Yes, it would undergo declension like most of the names.

Nom: Gabriel, Gen: Gabriela, Dat: Gabrielowi, Acc: Gabriela, Instr: Gabrielem, Loc: Gabrielu, Voc: Gabrielu!/Gabriel!

I actually have a half-Brazilian, half-Polish friend at work, his name is also Gabriel :)

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