"Nie lubię tej grupy."

Translation:I do not like this group.

March 29, 2016

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Can be "grupa" translated as "band" here?


I think it's more often "zespół", but sometimes I think it can.


I think it's used quite often when refering to music bands but it sounds less causal. You can encounter it in newspapers or TV, for example.


Can someone explain me when to use "tej" please?


"This" for fem nouns:

Ta=Nominative (Ta grupa jest dobra)

Tę=Accusative (Lubię tę grupę)

Tej=Genitive (Nie lubię tej grupy)



Audio makes this totally a question


Presumably, they did not record each sentence respectively but have the audios for some sentences compiled from various snippets of these words. I mean, they did this voluntarily, and recording each sentence separately would have taken a whole lot of time not everyone of them is ready to invest into a mere hobby.


Actually for most courses no one records anything, it's a text-to-speech synthesizer audio that is generated automatically. Only if no such audio is available for a given language, then real people record it (from your languages, that's surely Hawaiian and my guess is maybe Irish).

And the TTS technology... it's very far from perfect, I'm afraid. Especially in terms of intonation.


In regards to this, I am even surprised about the high quality, I rarely come across problems with sentences that are to be transcribed from the audio. Maybe I was just lucky so far. But from which resources do they extract those automatically generated audios?


Those are mostly voices by Amazon Polly (formerly IVONA, a Polish company that Amazon bought). So whatever the contributors decide to write, Polly 'reads' it and the audio file is created.


It's accepted "grupę" and it doesn't return as typo.


What kind of an exercise was it? There's a known bug that 'type what you hear' exercises do not show you had a typo.

Regardless of the fact that this really shouldn't even be treated as a typo...


FYI: "grupy" jest missing from the slow audio.


Confirming, the male slow audio doesn't say it. Investigating.

EDIT: Should be fixed now (09.01.2021).

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