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Cannot continue/submit an answer

This has been happening for a couple days. I will do a lesson (doesn't seem to matter which) in Spanish from English and suddenly I cannot submit the answer by pressing continue. It just sits there like it hasn't loaded or something? I tried earasing my answer and typing it in again, but no change.

Bug? My account? This happens on both work and home computer. :(

January 8, 2014



I'm having the same issue. It hasn't let me submit my answer for the last three days.


Thanks for your patience BellaLibellula- we're taking a look. Be in touch shortly.


Also happening on English from Spanish, fyi. I have a feeling I am going to have to repractice a lot soon... bleh.


I don't mean to flood my own post, but wondering if anything was worked out? I still can't finish any lessons. :(


I have the same problem!

I have also finished some lessons but I cant go to new one! and I will be directed to the home page! what is the problem?

it really sucks


I have a similar problem: the screen just hangs and I have to start the whole lesson over again


this happens to me all the time! and it had been a really hard lesson and i finally finished it and i had to start all over!


Same problem here. System just freezes after submission of last answer in a skill or placement test. This is my first experience with Duolingo, and it looks like a good program, if it would only work! Do these kind of major glitches happen often?


I am unable to continue with a lesson and if I skip it says I did it wrong no matter what I put in. this has been happening for many days so I have not been doing this due to the aggravation.


I'm glad i am not alone!! Help!


Please help, despite correct answer it won't continue to next, what can I do?


I'm having the same problem with audio questions in Spanish from English. It's stuck for two separate lessons that I can't complete because of this (Routines and another one).

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