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  5. "Bag plastig am oes"

"Bag plastig am oes"

Translation:A plastic bag for life

March 29, 2016



What exactly does this mean?


It's a bag from shops that are more durable and you reuse them instead of using new ones each time. It's commonly called "A bag-for-life".


A bag for life is a durable plastic bag sold by some supermarkets in the UK for a small charge (typically 10p) which can be reused and then replaced free of charge when necessary. It is then recycled by the store.


Technically, they'll all be around for our lifetimes.


Hovering over "am oes" gives "Is there a" as one of the possible translations. Can someone give an example of where am oes is used in that way?


Hmm, I "am oes" wouldn't be but "oes" would (Oes yna gastell ym Miwmares? Is there a castle in Beaumaris?), have you possibly misunderstood the prompt?


I hovered over it, and it seemed to be giving the translation for am oes, but I guess it was just for oes. Diolch!


Well this isn't a very useful phrase anymore is it?


Sorry if this is a stupid question but I thought 'oes' meant 'yes'? Is 'life' a different interpretation of the same word?


I thought 'oes' meant 'yes'?

"means" is the wrong word, I think.

Remember that Welsh doesn't generally use a single word that means exactly "yes" or "no"; instead, it repeats the verb.

  • Wyt ti'n barod? - Ydw. "Are you ready? - Yes." (Literally: "Am.")
  • Oes gen ti siocled? - Oes. "Do you have any chocolate? - Yes." (Literally: "Is with you chocolate? - Is.")
  • Ga i fynd i'r sinema? - Na chei. "May I go to the cinema? - No." (Literally: "Not may.")
  • Ydy e'n hapus? - Nac ydy. "Is he happy? - No." (Literally: "Not is.")

So oes as a verb means "there is" when talking about existence of something. It doesn't "mean 'yes'" but it's sometimes used where an English speaker would use "yes".

But here, we have the noun oes, which means "age, period" (as in Oes yr IĆ¢ "the Ice Age"); am oes doesn't translate to "for life" word for word but that's the equivalent expression in English (we don't say "a bag for an age").

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