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  5. "Níl an dinnéar romhat."

"Níl an dinnéar romhat."

Translation:The dinner is not in front of you.

March 29, 2016



I am confused about the use of Ni versus Nil. I though that an earlier question used 'Ni', such as "Ni maith liom mairteoil". Help!


Níl is the negative non habitual form of ... Basically, it's the negative of . itself is either a) the negative particle used to mark negativeness on verbs or b) the negative form of is.

So what you're seeing between here and the sentence you gave - Ní maith liom mairteoir is a difference in verbs. This one is níl, the negative of , whereas the other is the negative of the coupla is.


Ah, I see! Not surprising, as I confuse Ta and Is fairly frequently. Thanks!!!


It may also help to recast the sentence as a question - when the question is an bhfuil an dinnéar romhat?, it's easier to see that the negative statement would be Níl (from ní fhuil).


Is this speaker pronouncing this properly


This is the way that people from her part of Ireland pronounce it.


Would 'there is no dinner in front of you' work?


No. an dinnéar is "the dinner". níl an dinnéar romhat is the negative form of tá an dinnéar romhat - "the dinner is in front of you".

níl aon dinnéar romhat is "there isn't any dinner in front of you" or "there is no dinner in front of you".

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