Easier "remove word from practice" [userscript]

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So I wrote another little script to address something that bothered me.

There's this option to remove words from practice, but to find it, you need to search for the word on your vocabulary page, then click on the word to open the page for that specific word and then only if the word is weak you have the option to remove it from practice.

This Greasemonkey script (should work at least in Firefox and Chrome) is here to change that. I thought that it's after practice when you think to yourself "I wish they never show that word to me again, booooring", it was impossible to remove a word in such case, but not anymore:

after practice

And if you ever change your mind, you can toggle any word straight from the Vocabulary page:

vocabulary page

Download and install here

Hope you enjoy!


In case someone missed it, there are also other scripts:

Weak words counter - (also see discussion )

Total word strength indicator -

Vocabulary export -


What's up with the formatting? I'm trying to insert a link: text in square brackets, then url in parentheses, and this is what happens: text

4 years ago

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You are quite the enterprising fellow, I wish I hadn't neglected to sharpen my ability to design web-applications, they always seemed so boring, and too repetitive with those annoying static webpages. Hopefully I'll muster the courage to design a simple web-extension, eventually.

Anyway, this is a nice userscript, I believe you should collaborate with hodofhod, the user managed to create a much sought userscript that lets one review the lessons.

Well done.

4 years ago
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