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  5. "De gör Frankrikes bästa vin."

"De gör Frankrikes bästa vin."

Translation:They make the best wine in France.

March 29, 2016



Can it not be "They make the best French wine" ?


No, that would be De gör det bästa franska vinet. I'll grant you their meanings are very close, but they're not exact translations.


Isn't " De gör bästa vin i Frankirk" a better translation?


Personally I agree, "De gör det bästa vinet i Frankrike" would be closer to the English, and is also ambigious the same way, unlike the original. However, I cant think of an idiomatic way to better translate the Swedish sentence, using "France's" sounds strange to me.


Why is this not 'bäst'? Isn't 'bästa' the definite form or plural?


Exactly, and possessives are in the definite. Compare English: they make THE best wine in France. :)


They make the best wine of france... of all the winemakers in france, they make the best wine. Compared to: of all the wine that is made, the best wine is made in france. To me it seems that the first possibility is a translation of the swedish sentence and the latter a translation of the english translation :)

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