"I am reading my book."

Translation:Je lis mon livre.

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How come it isn't "Je suis lis mon livre"? Doesn't "Je suis" translate to "I am"?

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It does, but in this case it would sound like you are saying that you are physically a reading...or something like that. Lire just goes by itself. Je lis = I read = I am reading.
When it does get accompanied by another verb, it is the verb avoir. "I have read" = "J'ai lu".
You should read this little article on je suis fini v.s. j'ai fini.
And this one on use of auxiliary verbs:

Hope that answers some questions!

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The combination "Je suis lis" is not possible, meaning "I am (I) read". French hardly uses the -ing form. It would have sounded: "je suis lisant mon livre" which simply is not used. In general you can translate any verb in the present as a construction with -ing, like Hohenems explained.

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Why is livre masculine?

5 years ago


I think this should be accepted : "je suis en train de lire mon bouquin" "bouquin" sounds familiar but it is used more often than "livre" in french

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why is J'ai lu not accepted?

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