"Kupuję pięć pomarańczy i dwa banany."

Translation:I am buying five oranges and two bananas.

March 29, 2016

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With the numbers changed, it should be "Kupuję dwie pomarańcze i pięć bananów". Correct?


Is there a different word for "purchase" and "buy" in this case? "I purchase five oranges and two bananas" seems to be marked wrong, unless I am missing something.


Just an oversight, added.


Thank you :)


According to Wiktionary https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/pomara%C5%84cza, "pomarańczy" is not part of the Accusative case, but the hint above says that "pomarańczy" is acc.


Corrected now, will take some time to implement.


Sorry, I have to pose this question again and again:
Why isn't it pięć pomarańcz i dwa banana?

According to the algorithm given by Okcydent:

if a number has fraction part: take singular genitive if there is only one thing: you go with case that suits the sentence if the number is 2,3,4 or every other that ends with 2,3,4 (except those that end with 12,13,14) you go with genitive singular if none of above is fulfilled, use genitive plural.

pomaranczy cannot have fraction parts, can they? Is fraction part like French partitive article? Neither they are 1, 2, 3 or 4. So I thought, it must be the last and so genitive plural (pomarańcz).

We have two banany here, that's why I'd go with rule number 2 and say it must be genitive singular ... banana.


Shoot, I must have missed something. Sorry for confusion.

Generally the most common form of genitive plural of pomarańcza is „pomarańczy”. https://pl.wiktionary.org/wiki/pomarańcza As the dictionary notes „pomarańcz” as an additional form of genitive - it could be accepted, but it is neither preferred nor widely used.

And now with bananas. Yep, I made mistake and I must correct it. The correct version is „dwa banany”, „trzy banany”, „cztery banany” so it's just plural nominative but it declines the same way as the number: „Mam dwa banany”. „Nie mam dwóch bananów”.

The „fraction part” I was talking about:

  • 2,2 banana (dwa i dwie dziesiąte banana)
  • 2,5 banana (dwa i pół banana/ dwa i pięć dziesiątych banana)


Dziękuję bardzo!


Why is 'I buy 5 oranges and 2 bananas' wrong?


I see a report from yesterday, so almost certainly yours, that says "tomatoes" instead of "oranges" :) Seems that you made a small mistake. "I buy 5 oranges and 2 bananas" should have worked.


Well, that would explain it. Thanks!


What is the rule that means it is 'dwa' instead of 'dwie'?


Numerals 1 and 2 have separate forms depending on the gender of what they describe.

For masculine personal nouns it's either "dwóch" (dwóch chłopców) or "dwaj" (dwaj chłopcy), with the first form even taking Genitive forms.

For masculine impersonal nouns it's "dwa" (dwa psy, dwa koty), which is the basic form. Same for neuter nouns (dwa drzewa, dwa pudełka).

For feminine nouns it's "dwie" (dwie kobiety, dwie książki).



Got it! Thanks for the link - really useful


Why can't you say I am buying rather than I buy?


You can, in fact that's what I see on top of this discussion right now.

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