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  5. "Yes, I want soup."

"Yes, I want soup."

Translation:Ydw, dw i eisiau cawl.

March 30, 2016



So can I assume that "I" in Welsh is "dw i"? Or is it just "i"?


The word I in Welsh is i, fi, mi depending on context - it's i here.

dw is a form of bod (to be) - it's a bit as if Welsh sayd "I am wanting soup" or more literally "am I wanting soup".


'I am'= Dw i and 'I' is the i in this case.

There is also another i in Welsh, a preposition meaning 'to, in order to, for', etc.

eisiau is a noun meaning 'want, need':

  • *dw i eisiau cawl * - 'I am (with) a want/need of soup'
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