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  5. "Dewi Lingo ydy o."

"Dewi Lingo ydy o."

Translation:He is Dewi Lingo.

March 30, 2016



Isn't "ydy" the form for questions? Why isn't it "Dewi Lingo mae o"?

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Yes, most questions start with 'ydy' in the third person. However this is a special emphatic sentence we use for names (and also jobs), as introduced in Greetings 2, although we cheated a bit in Greetings 2 by not using the full form of the written verb only the shortened spoken version. So for the singular we would write ....'Dewi Lingo ydw i' (I am Dewi Lingo), 'Dewi Lingo wyt ti' (You are Dewi Lingo) and 'Dewi Lingo ydy o/e' (He is Dewi Lingo).


What about yw? I'm sure I've seen owen yw e somewhere


Yeah, yw is right too! yw and ydy mean the same thing. To generalise, yw is used mostly in the south and in formal Welsh, whereas ydy is more northern. You can use either.


It would be helpful if you could leave my wrong answers visible.


The course teams can't do anything about that. That would be something for duo themselves.


On my phone, it is possible to pull the red message down to reveal my wrong answer. Hope that's helpful.

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